Lander 1 Knife Scales - 3D Moon Surface - Tranquility Base


We designed a knife called the "Lander." With a name like that don't you think it would be a cryin' shame not to make scales from a 3D scan of our Moon's topography? Yeah we thought so too.... Not only are these scales replicas of the actual lunar surface, these feature the exact location of the famous Tranquility Base, the landing site for Apollo 11. You will find the exact landing site under the bottom show-side scale screw. How's that for an easter egg? NASA sent men to the Moon, but Knafs & Chroma Scales sent the Moon to your pocket. Not to toot our own horn or anything, but that's pretty dang cool! 

Side Note: We released a limited edition version of The Lander in the past featuring unique 3D printed Chroma Scales, a Lunar Lander bead, and a serialized blade. Those were extremely limited in quantity, so congrats to those who landed one! The scales you are currently looking at are cut from the same lunar cloth, however these are not limited edition, and will all feature the same moon texture front and back.


  • 3D printed in full color -- the scales are type of tough polymer.
  • Includes matching lanyard bead
  • Made in Chicago, Illinois
  • Designed in Vancouver, Washington by the ever-talented Randall West of Chroma Scales.
  • Compatible with the Lander EDC Knife
  • Scales only. Knife not included.