Leather Honing Strop for Pocket Knives

By Knafs

Stropping is the beautiful art of honing your knives to be hair popping sharp. And this knife pocket strop loves popping hair. Seriously, this leather honing strop will help keep the microscopic edge of your knife honed for higher speed, lower drag. Keep in mind: stropping doesn't replace sharpening. It's part of a maintenance program in between sharpening to keep your tools honed. The benefit there is less sharpening, less blade material removed, and ultimately your tools last longer. 
  • Made in Utah, USA
  • Genuine top-grain leather - Walnut brown saddle skirting from Wickett and Craig.
    • This isn't pressed leather garbage. It's overkill, ultra-premium leather that you could make a saddle out of and ride across America. This is the good stuff, amigo.
  • 1/4" (6.4 mm) Antiqued brass hanging grommet 
  • 6 x 1" (152 x 25 mm)
  • Includes Knafs Green Ultra Fine Strop Compound
  • Includes Knafs Sticker