Thread Locker for Knives - Loctite

By Loctite


Loctite is a thread locker that helps prevent knife screws from sneakily escaping. Blue thread locker should be part of every knife maintenance kit.

  • Blue Loctite - .02 FL OZ - (.5 mL) - Use for screws that you intend to unscrew again someday. It keeps your knife screws from escaping while you carry and use your tools. We recommend this.
  • Red Loctite - .02 FL OZ - (.5 mL) -The Devil's Red Loctite. Use on screws you want permanent. Like crazy permanent. Like, use a heat gun or hairdryer to undo the screws permanent. Think tramp stamps and neck tattoos-- permanent. We don't recommend Red Loctite for most knife scenarios, but here we are selling it. I guess we're just devilish minions watching the world burn.