New To Knives Lander 1 Bundle

By Knafs

Lander Color
Extra Scale Color

Like an adult Happy Meal

Have you ever had that thing come across your feed, only to spend the next 60+ minutes going down the rabbit hole of what it is and how people are using it? We've been there, and we've created the perfect jumping-off point to break free from the doldrums of EDC knife deep-dives.

Enter the New To Knives Bundle. This sucker has everything you need to start embracing this crazy hobby we call pocket knives. Simply choose your Lander and extra scale color and we'll take care of the rest!

And what good is a sweet bundle if there are no savings? Save $18.94 when you purchase the New To Knives Bundle vs. buying each item separately. That's 16% off regular price. Some would say this is a steel of a deal.