Blackout Edition Pocket Knife Poster – Guide to Knives – 18x24”

By Knafs

Remember that time we made a knife poster? Now we’ve gone and made a Pocket Knife Poster Blackout Edition, and we think it’s what they call in the knife biz, “real hot.” The new Blackout Poster is a little smaller than the last one, with a revamped layout and completely new knives across the top. This one is 17.75x24”, so your wife won’t complain about it taking up the entire living room wall (the OG poster was 24x36"-- a bit larger). Or maybe you’re going to wallpaper your house with knife posters, in which case, we salute you amigo.

A few important specs:

  • Tons of Info - The poster is packed with information about different knife types, blade shapes, opening mechanisms and blade steels. It’s a handy reference for everything knives.
  • Hi Quality - Made in Utah, USA on high-quality 100 lb. TopKote paper. 
  • Chill Size - 17.75 x 24” size fits nicely in an 18x24” frame. Go to Hobby Lobby and getcher’self a frame, and don’t forget the 25% off coupon! Love us a good coupon.

The knives in the poster include: DRocket Zulu spear OTF knife, Protech TR-4 Automatic Knife, CRKT M16 Folding Knife, Condor Undertaker Bowie Fixed Blade Knife, and HOM Basilisk Butterfly Knife. The line drawings on those 5 knives were done by our new friend SimplyLines on Fiverr. He crushed it, and it freed up our time to make more cat memes online. The poster also features the WE Banter, Spyderco Tenacious, and the Buck 110. A huge thanks to the manufacturers that let us use their patterns on the poster. We're grateful for friends in the industry that are cool with this sort of project. If you’re interested in buying the WE Banter (it’s Ben's knife design!), we sell them here on the site.

Layout and design by Ben Petersen. First run: February 2020.