Banter Pocket Knife - Guibourtia Wood - S35VN


We've been affectionately calling the wood handles on this thing "Ciabatta" because we have no idea how to pronounce "Guibourtia." But it seems delicious. Like ciabatta bread. But it's not bread, so don't eat it. In fact, this Cuibourtia wood is widely used in the furniture industry. It's natural, organic, and each handle is unique, so you're going to see variations in texture and color. Each knife is like its own little loaf of bread: same flavor, but perfectly one-of-a-kind. The natural nature of these scales also means it will swell or shrink with the weather-- kind of like your grandpa's bad knee. WE worked around this by putting steel liners in both sides of the handle; the flexing won't impact the performance of the knife.  

Not compatible with aftermarket scales in G10 or carbon fiber.

Also: can we talk about how classy this knife looks with that ciabatta wood and bronze anodized titanium thumb stud? Even my brother was like, "Whoa. That looks classy." It's been three years since the Banter was released, and he still doesn't have one. Maybe I'll gift him one for Christmas this year. Maybe. 

If you're unfamiliar with the Banter, let us give you a quick primer: it's an EDC knife designed to be non-threatening and no-thrills. It just works. And it doesn't scare your co-workers if you work in a stuffy office. The flat grind makes it a stellar apple cutter, and the ceramic ball bearings mean this thing whips open with precision. The deep carry clip keeps it low in the pocket. 


    Blade Length: 2.9" (73.7 mm)
    Overall Length: 6.5" (166 mm)
    Closed Length: 3.6" (92 mm)
    Weight: 2.9 oz (81g)
    Blade Steel: S35VN (58-60 HRC)
    Blade Shape: Drop point
    Blade Grind: Flat
    Blade Finish: Black Stonewash
    Lock Type: Liner Lock
    Liners Material: Stainless Steel (both sides)
    Pocket Clip: deep carry, left or right handed
    Thumbstud: Titanium
    Handle material: Guibourtia Wood


    Precision made in Yangjiang, China.

    Looking for something smaller? Check out the Civivi Baby Banter in Green Micarta