WIUG Shop Rag

By Knafs

The WIUG shop rag is 100% cotton and that sweet, sweet royal deep blue-- Ben Blue, even. It measures 12x12 inches and it feels like it wants to be covered in sweat or grease or both. It's the perfect companion for working on your knives, cleaning your knives, keeping track of screws while disassembling, or dampening and using as a weapon in the towel flick game. Please tell me you've played that game. It's the one where you chase each other around the kitchen with damp towels when you're supposed to be washing dishes and you flick each other with the towels. My grandmother was incredibly good at it. The only way to win was to come in close and prevent her from getting that welt-inducing snap. Good times in Grammy's kitchen. Anyway, the shop rag features a screen printed WIUG on it (WIUG = What iiiiiiiissss Up Guys!!?!!), and they're printed in Utah. Country of origin on the towels themselves is still a mystery to me, but someday I'll find out. They're probably not made in Texas.