WIUG Sticker - 3x2" Vinyl - Super Sticky

By Knafs

WIUG means What Iiiiiiiiiisssss Up Guys!!! It's commonly used whenever Ben starts a video. The WIUG Sticker is for the chuckles. 

Background Story: I started using "What is Up Guys" in my videos as a way to train my brain to begin every video consistently. It was a nervous tick disguised as a catch phrase. And then the iiis got longer. And the iiiiiss got longer. And then the iiiiiiiiissss got longer! And then it stuck. Just like a sticker. 

  • Made in the USA from  high quality vinyl
  • Super sticky for application darn near anywhere
  • 3 x 2" size that passes the finger test
  • Faux G10 background in Ben Blue