Since the release of the Civivi Sendy, we have received a bunch of questions regarding the Spey blade shape. After all, it is not a very popular shape among modern pocket knvies. So what's the deal with this unusual shape, and where did it come from?

CIVIVI Sendy by Ben Petersen

Spey Blade History

Back in the day, the spey blade found its groove in the field of veterinary medicine. Specifically, it was the main tool for castrating livestock. Yup! You read that right! The curve and blunt point of the spey blade made it perfect for precise and controlled cuts minimizing the risk of accidental injuries to the animal or the person doing the cutting. That lack of sharp point on the tip was a true game changer. When that kind of work is being done, anything that reduces the chances of accidentally poking something vital during the castration process is a huge plus.

As time rolled on, the spey blade made a leap from the vet's toolkit to the everyday carry of regular folks. Even today, it is still a very popular blade shape in traditional pocket knives. Its practical design made it handy for all sorts of tasks, from slicing ropes to opening packages. While it might not be the most versatile blade out there, the spey blade carved its niche as a reliable tool for specific cutting needs.

Nowadays, you can spot spey blades on certain pocket knives and multi-tools. They appeal to those who dig the unique vibe and history behind this blade shape. So, the next time you come across a pocket knife with a curved, blunt-tipped blade, you'll know it's not just for show – it's a spey blade with a story to tell. 

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The Sendy

CIVIVI Sendy by Ben Petersen

When the Civivi Sendy was first announced back in June 2023 (it was called the Cedar back then), Ben, the visionary behind it all, was dead set on the spey blade shape. The blade, the liners, the tweezers and toothpick that fit perfectly inside the handle, it all had a unique feel. A modern pocket knife, with all the identity and tools of a traditional piece. But that's where you, the knife aficionados, chimed in with your two cents asking for some drop point action. Fast forward, and there you have it! The Civivi Sendy is now available with 2 different blade shapes: Spey, and drop point. So, whether you are feeling the old school vibes, or just want a cool versatile modern knife, the Sendy is for you.


January 19, 2024 — Eddy Martinez

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