This year has been a dream for us at Knafs, and we know we couldn't have done it without your help and support. We've got a hunch that you, our customers, are the real decision-makers at Knafs. Your hard-earned dollars are like the steering wheel for our crazy Knafs rocket, guiding where we go and how fast we get there. Now, let's break down the nitty-gritty of what we did this year. No sugar-coating, just straight-up transparency. 

Here is what you helped us accomplish this year:

We Created Jobs

One of the most amazing feelings entrepreneurs get to experience is creating opportunity for others. Knafs currently has 5 full-time and 2 part-time employees in Clearfield, Utah. We had to train and onboard everyone of them.

Moved out of our Garage

As some of you know, we run Knafs out of our home for a long time. Moving out and having our own warehouse and office space was one of those little dreams that come true. Not only do we have more space for everyone, we were also able to design and build our physical storefront. People can now walk into our store, see what we are building, and of course, spoil themselves with a goodie or two.

Knafs Storefront In Clearfield, Utah. End Of 2023

Started Offering On-Site Sharpening

Guess what's new in our store? Now that the doors are wide open, we've rolled out on-site sharpening services. We've armed ourselves with a sleek belt grinder and turned our guy, Keith, into a sharpening maestro. He will grab your knife and sharpen two things at once. Your knife, and your smile ;)

Released the Burrito Grande

We released the perfect way for you to store your pocket knives! The Burrito Grande. This is the bigger version of the Tool Burrito. For this product we had in mind way more than just a pocket knife roll. We thought of a place for you to keep your maintenance tools safe, a place for you to work on your knives, magnets to keep your hardware from rolling, top grommets so you can display your collection, velcro in the top panel for you to have some fun and customize it, and of course, top carry handle and latches for easy storage and portability.

We have receive some wonderful feedback from this product... and we can only hope this keeps making you guys happy. 

Released the Lander 1 Pocket Knife in 14C28N

Since the release of the Knafs Lander 1, you guys have been having a ton of fun with the fast-swap scales. However, many of you were asking us the same question: "Why D2?" The reality is that D2 is a great steel found in many sub $100 pocket knives, but we hear ya. As said before, you are our board of directors. Upon your request, we released the Lander 1 in 14C28N both in Green Micarta (yummy :P) and Natural G10. All the good things from the original D2 Lander carried over to an upgraded steel, conserving the snappy action, that great blade geometry, and of course, that comfortable deep carry clip. 

Released 87 New Products in our Website

We wanted to make sure you could find anything you might need for your pocket knives on our website, and oh boy have we delivered. You can find the best bit driver for pocket knives out there, Wiha torx bits to go with it, sharpening tools, strops and compound, replacement parts for your Lander knives, knife lubricants, mats to work on or enjoy, and different pocket knife storage options.

Not only that, but we also have released a full guide in pocket knives, for you to know what you own. You can learn about pocket knife anatomy, maintenance, blade shapes, materials, opening mechanisms, lock types, blade grinds, and more.

Launched the Lander 2 on Kickstarter

We launched the Lander 2 on Kickstarter, where 850 of you helped us raise $120K making this knife possible. Why a Lander 2? Because we heard you! Many of you manifested wanting the Lander 1 in a bigger package, so here it is :) After the knife run was delivered to us, we had to ship them all out to 24 different countries. 

Thank you all very much for your support.

Serviced 42 Dealers in 16 Different Countries

It is mighty impressive to see Knafs products being sold all over the world. Our dealers are a big part of our success, and we are grateful for the relationships we have with them. For some of you, dealers are the only way you could get a Lander in your hand, so please, check them out HERE, and show them your support.

Launched our First USA Made Knife - The Lulu

This one takes us back to you guys. You help us take decisions that we probably wouldn't take on our own. Many of you wanted USA Made Knafs products, but more specifically, USA Made knives. That comes with a bunch of challenges on its own, which would make it easier to just look the other way and forget about it. However, you wouldn't let us, and we are glad you didn't. Thus, the Lulu Knife was born. Everything in this knife is USA made, including the packaging it comes in. If you want to see the full story about this design and it's inspiration, click HERE.

The Knafs Lulu fixed blade knife. Used knife in hand in front of a campfire

Sold 1,922 Spare Parts For Our Knives

We have said it before, and we will say it again. We want you to OWN your knives. Sure, you can buy any knife, and it's technically yours. But! at Knafs, we're taking it up a notch. We want you to have the freedom to customize and disassemble your knives however you fancy. Now, usually, that's the kind of stuff that makes warranties run for the hills, but that's what makes us unique. And here's the kicker – you also have the golden ticket to repair your Knafs knives. Because we believe in giving you the keys to the knife kingdom. 

We Created Content in Colombia, Brazil, Atlanta, Montana, Oregon, and Utah

We love storytelling, and connecting with you guys. Content, is a beautiful way to connect. Here are some of our videos released this year from Knafs to you:

From the Amazon in Colombia with Joe Flowers - Does Stropping Actually Work?

From The Amazon in Brazil with Dan from Dogwood Custom Knives - How to Sharpen a Scandi Grind

Some of you even got to hang out with Ben Ross at Blade Show West 

You can check out the rest in our YouTube Channel ;)

Some Other Nerdy Business Stuff

We onboarded a fractional CFO, along with an IT manager, and IT security team. Adopted better banking, better bill pay, an ERP system of record, a customer service platform, and a project management platform. All of that to make business doing easier for us, and focus on you.

The Most important Feat of the Year

We shipped 1,189 Space Kitty items. Who knew :)

We're not sharing this to brag, but to give you the lowdown. Your feedback means the world to us. It really is the secret sauce that spices up our game. You keep us on our toes, challenging us to level up and dish out what you, our awesome customers, crave. Now, let's keep it real; We know we didn't get everything right this year, and that's ok! Success is basically a bunch of oopsies refined into excellence over time. And guess what? That's exactly what we're up to here. We can honestly say we gave it our all, because you deserve nothing less.

Thanks for being part of the adventure. We’re grateful to have you on board, and we’re looking forward to 2024.

January 02, 2024 — Eddy Martinez

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