This is an easy question that can be answered on many different levels. Most people carry a knife for preparedness. You never know what situations might arise, and you want to be ready. That is where the term EDC (everyday carry) comes from - being ready for everyday situations. These type of people usually don't need to decide which knife they are going to carry. They have the one they trust and will use until it is lost, or needs to be replaced. 

You then have pocket knife enthusiasts and collectors (this is where we turn into a group of nerds). People who like to experience different handle materialsblade shapes, opening mechanisms, locking types, etc. This takes any cutting task to a whole new level. I take my knife out of my pocket, I appreciate the materials and fit and finish, it opens smoothly, there is a beautiful design displayed, I cut what I need to, smoothly close the knife, and it goes back in the pocket. As I said, an experience, not just a task. That's why we offer our knives in different flavors, with different materials and finishes. The Banter knife is available in Carbon Fiber, WoodMicarta, and G10. You also have Flytanium who can get you some sweet titanium scales for your Banter Knife.

We Banter Pocket Knife

There are also limitless customizations for the Knafs Lander 1. I like to call it the chameleon of knives. Make it yours! You can buy or print your own scales, add scales that include a pair of tweezers and a toothpick, and even play around with different hardware. Lately, we have also added laser engraving options to make the knife even more special. Just check out our Operations Manager. All the different colors and finishes, but they are all the same knife. He has turned a bunch of Lander 1 knives into different experiences. 

Other aspects we enjoy about knives: 


We also find joy in taking good care of our knives. The sharpening and stropping, the disassembling and reassembling, the lubing, and even taking pictures of them. It's all part of the experience. Some may even say there is a curiosity aspect. Many enthusiasts will void their warranty just to know if their new knife runs on bearings or washers. 

We are big believers of customers being able to take their knives apart, and clean and adjust as needed. For a long time this was a big no-no in the industry. Companies would consider their warranty voided if a knife was disassembled. At Knafs, we fill strongly this should be allowed :) Slowly, companies seems to be more tolerant at this, but always check the different policies you might be dealing with.

Taking a knife apart can be a tricky process, and accidents can happen. If you stripped any screws here is a video with tips to fix those issues.


It's incredible the amount of interaction there is both online and in person through the knife community. Many people have Instagram accounts dedicated to knives only, loads of Facebook groups with thousands of members, many knife forums, and many big cities have monthly get-togethers where enthusiasts just talk knives. Not to mention the countless Youtube channels and podcasts out there. It is a world unknown to many. If I had to explain it in just one sentence, I would say that the knife industry is small but very warm, full of awesome and very supportive folks.

Pocket Knife Use

After everything said in this knife nerd article, of course, I need to say that joy comes from actually using your knives. 

  • Quick food preparation
  • Opening Packages and letters
  • Cutting tape
  • Sharpening your pencils
  • Scraping a surface in order to clean it
  • Cutting tags out of clothes
  • Breaking down cardboard
  • Emergency tool
  • Opening your new knife's box.
  • etc.

This are just some of the things that come to mind as I think what I use my knives for. Remember, as the good ol' Nick Shabazz said: "If I can't carry it, it's just rusting metal." So carry, use, enjoy, repeat. :)


Have a good one guys.

December 11, 2023 — Eddy Martinez

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