You didn't know what you were getting into when you got that first pocket knife... sorry, not sorry! Putting together your collection is always a blast, but it can be messy if you don't have an organized way to store all of your pokey stabby things. So, what do you do? We will show ya!

1. Knife Roll

A knife roll is not just a cool way to store and show off your collection, it's also a statement piece! It's like, "Hey, I take my knives seriously and I ain't afraid to show it." Plus, it keeps your precious blades safe and sound, because let's be real, nobody wants your knafs getting scratched. And when your guests come over, you can brag about your collection and start a conversation that's actually interesting, not just small talk about the weather. Cool, right? Right. Check out our Burrito Grande!


  • You can fold and put the burrito grande loaded in a backpack or suitcase easily (Designed for travel). 
  • You can display your collection, and hang it anywhere!
  • You can carry extra pocket knife gear in it (such as torx screw drivers, EDC pens, leather strops, and even lubricant).
  • It can be found at a lower price point compared to other options.


  • It only holds up to 17 pocket knives (which is a problem for some of you).
  • Not ideal for Bali's or large folders.
  • Not compatible with most fixed blades.
  • Not 100% waterproof which could be problematic if you live in a humid environment. 
  • Could be prone to wear-and-tear from pocket clips after excessive use.


2. Pelican Case

This is not just a great option, it's perhaps the most popular option for pocket knife enthusiasts who want to keep their collection safe and organized. The foam inside? Customizable to your liking, so your knives will fit just right. And with a range of sizes and budget-friendly options from various brands, you don't have to break the bank to give your knives a royal treatment.



  • Sturdy protection for your knives.
  • Customizable foam to your liking.
  • Options available that can fit 50+ knives.


  • Foam wears and tears over time.
  • You can't display your collection.
  • Bulky and heavy.
  • Not easily portable.
  • Not great for large knives or fixed blades

3. Tool Cabinet

Ah, yes, the knife enthusiasts. The ones who just know that their collection is going to keep growing, and they're going to need more storage. That's where the tool cabinet comes in. It's the perfect solution for organizing their vast collection of blades. Most tool cabinets are made of sturdy steel, providing a durable and long-lasting option for storage. However, one thing they lack is a proper way to secure the knives. They simply lay there, unsecured and vulnerable to damage or misplacement. It's almost like the designers of these cabinets don't understand the importance of keeping a knife collection in pristine condition. But hey, it's not like the knife nuts are going to let a little thing like that stop them. They'll find a way to make it work, just like they do with everything else related to knives.




  • You can easily fit a large knife collection.
  • Multiple drawers for you to organize by brand, size, or even price point.
  • Durable and secure 
  • You can cover it in stickers 
  • Can store mostly any sized knife, including fixed blades


  • You can't take it with you on the go.
  • Knives are not attached to anything, and can move inside the drawers
  • You can't display your pocket knife collection.
  • Expensive

4. Pocket Knife Display Case

Listen up, pocket knife collectors! If you're looking for a storage solution that's not only secure, but also screamin' stylish, then you need to get your hands in a pocket knife display case. Made of the finest wood, this little gem is the ultimate way to keep your collection organized and looking oh-so-fine. With drawers or shelves that are made for your knives, these cabinets are the perfect way to display your knife collection to all your friends. The only downside here is.... price. This one will run you quite a few bucks :( 





  • Classiest way to store your pocket knives.
  • Great for displaying your knives
  • Specially designed for knives and EDC gear


  • The price point can be pretty steep compared to other storage options.
  • Not designed for travel.
  • Doesn't offer a high level of protection.
  • Not compatible with fixed blades

5. Knife Case

We can't leave knife cases out of the list! Not only are they an affordable option for storing and transporting your precious pocket knives, but they are also downright stylish. With a variety of sizes and price points, you can find a knife case that can accommodate any collection and budget. Our only recommendation is that you get one that holds quite a few more knives than you have, so that you feel the accomplishment when that last slot has a brand new knaf in it. 




  • Affordable storage option
  • You can take it with you on the go.
  • You can find options that can hold 50+ knives.


  • Elastic straps could break.
  • Not ideal for large knives or fixed blades


These are some of Zac's favorite options :) 

April 05, 2023 — Eddy Martinez

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