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iFixit Torx Tool Kit - Wiha Bits
iFixit Torx Tool Kit - Wiha Bits

iFixit Torx Tool Kit - Wiha Bits

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Driver? Check. Bits? Yessir! Pry tool? Oh yeahhhh. This knife maintenance kit has everything you need to disassemble your pocket knives in a flaming ball of Torx screw glory! 


  • iFixit Aluminum Driver (fits 4 mm bits)
  • Wiha Torx bits: T6, T8, T10 (4 mm)
  • iFixit Opening Tool

A story: when I first got into pocket knives, I picked up a cheap Torx tool from the local hardware store. The bits twisted and warped quickly, but the tool worked well for a few years as I satisfied my little habit of disassembling every knife I own. Tearing down knives is fun! Over the years, and with a little guidance from Nick Shabazz, I changed my toolkit to include iFixit tools; like Nick, I'm convinced they make the best bit driver. And the knife guys swear by Wiha bits. So, I went looking to combine both in a kit with the most common Torx bits for pocket knives- T6, T8, and T10. I figure our little kit gives you more time to lose screws and fight omega springs and less time finding the right tools to make the mess. It's the perfect beginner's knife maintenance kit. Enjoy! -Ben