Lander 2 Knife Scales - Aluminum Solar Flare - Red

By Knafs


Slap on some shades and take a look at these Lander 2 Aluminum Solar Flare Scales! Thanks to the Fast Swap scales on the Lander 2 Pocket Knife, you're only a few minutes away from having some premium metal adorning your knife.

Here's the story: Knafs has been champing at the bit to get into manufacturing here in America. Maybe one day, amigos! But until then, we turned to Lucas Cao and the great people at Squid Industries to help us out in the meantime. They manufactured, milled, and anodized these scales in sunny California and we are stoked on how they turned out! USA! USA! USA!


Material: Aluminum
Pattern: Solar Flare
Finish: Red Anodized
Width: 3.5 mm
Height: 20.8 mm
Length: 107.6 mm
Weight: 1 oz
Country of Origin: USA