Knife Pivot Lube


You know what we like about KPL? Aside from that delicious, succulent scent, we love their story: KPL is a family-run business operating out of their garage in Texas. That's super cool, and sounds pretty familiar to where we are with Knafs right now. Additionally, their lube is a proprietary blend that they designed specifically for knives to chase away dirt, grit, and that pocket lint you never clean out. It pulls contaminants into suspension and prevents wear and oxidation. Sounds fancy, but it's simple: your knife gets junk and gunk on it and in it. KPL fights back! They should use that as their tagline.  There are three types:

  • KPL Original - 15 WT - 10 ML - Great for everyday use on everyday knives. Use it on your pivots, detent balls, or as a rust preventative blade coating. 
  • KPL Heavy - 75WT - 10 ML - Designed specifically for knife detents and detent tracks. Use it anywhere there is sliding friction. Also recommended for the balisong bros.
  • KPL UltraLite - 5WT - 10 ML - Use for bearing pivot knives (Banter, Lander, eh?), OTFs, autos, and traditionals. 

    Safety Notes:

    Injection under skin may cause serious damage. Excessive exposure may result in eye, skin, or respiratory irritation. May be harmful or fatal if swallowed and enters airway. Knife Pivot Lube lubricants (Original, Ultra-Lite, Heavy) do not contain toxic ingredients. Use lubricants sparingly to avoid excessive food contact. KPL Lubricants are not generally hazardous unless they enter the airway/lungs. As the old "Will it Blend" guy used to say, "Don't breath this."