Lander 2 Knife Scales - Flat G10

By Knafs



Ever looked at your Lander 2 Pocket Knife one day and said: "I'm ready for a new color scheme"? Look no further! We have a solid selection of dyed (and undyed) G10 knife scales the Fast Swap directly on to your Lander 2. Grab a set of Natural for some DIY fun, go for Red to show off your fun side, or keep it on the down-low with OD Green or Tan. 

Before you get started, make sure you have the right tools for the job! The Knafs Bit Driver has everything you need to tear your knife down, and our delicious Tool Burrito can help organize and carry all your parts.

Never taken your Lander 2 apart? Professor Ben Petersen will show you the way.


Material: G10
Width: 3.5 mm
Height: 21.3 mm
Length: 107.6 mm
Weight: .7 oz
Country of Origin: China