Knafs x Chroma Scales - Lunar Lander 2 Limited Edition Pocket Knife

By Knafs

This Limited Edition Lunar Lander 2 is sold out forever. Better luck next time, amigos!

The Knafs x Chroma Scales Lunar Lander 2 Pocket Knife has finally been spotted on the horizon. Did you miss your chance to grab the original Lunar Lander 1 we did with Chroma Scales? Well now is your chance to go bigger, and better!

Each scale features a unique section of the moon scanned by NASA moon orbiting satellites. It's the actual topography of the the moon! Includes several Easter eggs for good measure.  

  • Only 90 pieces made. Serialized from -01:40 to -00:01-- a countdown timer to blast off (don't do the math, we have reasons)
  • Includes a limited edition moon boot print on the pocket clip
  • Includes Lander 2 pocket knife with unique scales, and Lunar Lander bead.
  • 3D printed in full color -- the scales are a type of tough polymer
  • Made in Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • Designed in Vancouver, Washington by the ever-talented Randall West of Chroma Scales