Unlocked Composites - Baby Banter Scales - Carbon Fiber


The Baby Banter: nonchalant. Chill. Quiet. Maybe a little drab? Spice it up, amigo! Unlocked Composites built these contoured carbon fiber scales with a spot for a toothpick and tweezers. (Toothpick and tweezers are included). Plus, they're made in his famous Bias pattern-- it's got a very clean texture that just feels niiiiice. Unlocked Composites offers all sorts of customization options on their site (think lanyard deletes, clip deletes, etc.). These are not wildly customized. These are essentially your stock scales with right and left pocket clip, lanyard hole, and simple joy. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the burden of choice. These Knafs exclusive scales are straightforward customization without secret menu-animal-style-2x-patties. They're simple. But stylish. And man, that texture pattern is a delight.
  • Made in Youngstown, Ohio, USA by Travis of Unlocked Composites-- a one-man show doing amazing aftermarket parts in carbon fiber.
  • Here are the other details:

    • These scales fit any of the Civivi Baby Banter Gen 1 knives in G10. They do not work on micarta or wood Baby Banters. Read that again: they do not work on Micarta or Wood Baby Banters.
    • They're the scales, tweezers, and toothpick ONLY. No knife included. You'll need a Baby Banter.
    • You will void your manufacturer warranty by using these scales.  Civivi's warranty explicitly states, "Disassembly or modification of the knife will void the warranty." In using these scales, you will both disassemble and modify your knife. Civivi, Knafs, or Unlocked Composites will NOT be responsible if you ruin your knife. Additionally, Knafs is unable to offer any spare parts or assembly assistance. It's all you. It's like that stop sign you always drift through on the corner:  you are solely responsible for the ticket when the cop finally pulls you over after the 3 millionth time of not doing a complete stop-- you know it's coming, but you are the captain of your ship, and you've assumed the risk. If this type of responsibility and ownership is scary, these scales probably aren't for you. But for the love, start stopping at that stop sign. ;)